Accept Nothing But Cash

In previous posts, there is a constant reminder that online paid surveys that asks you for money is a major scam. It’s a big red flag and should be avoided at all costs. Aside from this, there are still more ways knowing if you this online paid survey will reward your efforts well.

Make sure that they promise you cash and nothing else. There are sites that provides you other means of compensations such as points, or rewards. While these may be true, there are plenty of instances that people who receive points that is convertible to cash never gets their cash. Some gets their account suddenly deactivated by the website and their efforts of earning those points are wasted.

There are other websites that gives rewards such as gift certificates, tablets, laptops, or cars. Too good to be true right? Look for asterisk near the sign or ad and it is highly possible that there is an underlying message underneath it that has conditions such as “Almost won prize if you purchase our $1,000 CD.”

If you happen to encounter this kind of tricks and techniques, it’s a red flag and make sure to avoid them. Write a blog post or join in forums so others may also know your experience and be informed.

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