Is Opinion Outpost Safe To Use? Scam or Genuine Income Opportunity?

This is a common question, especially since 2014 when many Opinion Outpost users came online to produce proof of their income using this paid survey service.

As is usually the case, many readers thought it was a great way to make a bit more money in their spare time, so a lot of people began asking whether it’s a scam. Anyone who says you can make easy money doing something, is usually treated with scepticism and doubt, and for good reason in my opinion. Most such things are indeed a scam, people get conned every day by similar wealth promises and income assurances.

Opinion Outpost LogoIn the case of Opinion Outpost there really is money to be made, and with very little effort compared to most other online paid survey opportunities.

The way they work is very similar to most other online survey companies, the only difference is that Opinion Outpost is far more popular due to the reach they have in the marketplace. Many students use their service as a way to cover those hard-to-reach outgoings, extra food bills etcetera. It’s easy to sign up, and you can fit in the surveys around your other work, child-care, hobbies etcetera.

A few things to be aware of though, before you head off to make your millions (which you will of course never do with paid surveys!)

  • You will not always qualify to take a survey
  • You may have to wait a long time for a qualifying survey to become available to you
  • You may only earn a few dollars per survey
  • Some surveys can take several hours to complete

So, bearing those caveats in mind, and with the obvious drawback of it not being full time, you can indeed rely on Opinion Outpost to add to your portfolio of paid survey ventures.

As with all individual companies offering online surveys for money, none of them will provide you a lot of money individually, but as part of a network or group of opportunities, Opinion Outpost definitely provides a very legitimate and trustworthy option. Combined with 10-20 other companies, you can easily build up a health part time income doing this.

Please contact me with your personal experiences of Opinion Outpost. I am always interested to hear any reviews, good or bad, to share with my readers. I have yet to hear a bad word about this company, but if you have had a bad experience please do share it to help other paid surveyors be warned!



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