Is Opinion Outpost Safe To Use? Scam or Genuine Income Opportunity?

This is a common question, especially since 2014 when many Opinion Outpost users came online to produce proof of their income using this paid survey service.

As is usually the case, many readers thought it was a great way to make a bit more money in their spare time, so a lot of people began asking whether it’s a scam. Anyone who says you can make easy money doing something, is usually treated with scepticism and doubt, and for good reason in my opinion. Most such things are indeed a scam, people get conned every day by similar wealth promises and income assurances.

Opinion Outpost LogoIn the case of Opinion Outpost there really is money to be made, and with very little effort compared to most other online paid survey opportunities.

The way they work is very similar to most other online survey companies, the only difference is that Opinion Outpost is far more popular due to the reach they have in the marketplace. Many students use their service as a way to cover those hard-to-reach outgoings, extra food bills etcetera. It’s easy to sign up, and you can fit in the surveys around your other work, child-care, hobbies etcetera.

A few things to be aware of though, before you head off to make your millions (which you will of course never do with paid surveys!)

  • You will not always qualify to take a survey
  • You may have to wait a long time for a qualifying survey to become available to you
  • You may only earn a few dollars per survey
  • Some surveys can take several hours to complete

So, bearing those caveats in mind, and with the obvious drawback of it not being full time, you can indeed rely on Opinion Outpost to add to your portfolio of paid survey ventures.

As with all individual companies offering online surveys for money, none of them will provide you a lot of money individually, but as part of a network or group of opportunities, Opinion Outpost definitely provides a very legitimate and trustworthy option. Combined with 10-20 other companies, you can easily build up a health part time income doing this.

Please contact me with your personal experiences of Opinion Outpost. I am always interested to hear any reviews, good or bad, to share with my readers. I have yet to hear a bad word about this company, but if you have had a bad experience please do share it to help other paid surveyors be warned!



The Paid Online Surveys Great Debate

Whenever you search the keywords “paid online surveys” on Google or any web searches, some results will always show about scams and fake blogs or forums. As a reader of my blog, personally, what do you really think?

We would like to hear from you and we would appreciate your honest opinion regarding this matter. Are you the ones who claim that you were successful in this venture? Or are you the pessimistic person who wants to say negative thing about it even though you haven’t tried it yet? Whatever is your stand point in this matter, please comment below or message us because we want to hear what you have to say.

A Server at Applebee’s Story

Everyone has a story to share, but of course we want to hear only success stories. Here’s one from a server at Applebee’s. He quit his job after making more money than he could ever  make a month serving at any restaurants. He  found a legit online paid survey and  this is his story.

At first he was having a rough time and it’s just expected. All of us have difficulty starting but once we get the hang of something, it gores on smoothly. He earns roughly $400 the first few months as part-time. Now that he’s full time, he earns almost $1,200 and that only depends on how productive you are. This guy could be you in the future!

Lose Money Online or Make Money Online?

There is a difference between a legit online paid survey and a bogus scam one. This beautiful reviewer explains how a company tricks survey respondents in tricking their credit card information. So always take note of the reminders from my previous blog posts on how to determine them. The reviewer tells us that although there are plenty of online scams out there, there are also great companies who pay us for our opinions. Even though they are few and hard to find, it only takes determination and careful research into finding them.

Accept Nothing But Cash

In previous posts, there is a constant reminder that online paid surveys that asks you for money is a major scam. It’s a big red flag and should be avoided at all costs. Aside from this, there are still more ways knowing if you this online paid survey will reward your efforts well.

Make sure that they promise you cash and nothing else. There are sites that provides you other means of compensations such as points, or rewards. While these may be true, there are plenty of instances that people who receive points that is convertible to cash never gets their cash. Some gets their account suddenly deactivated by the website and their efforts of earning those points are wasted.

There are other websites that gives rewards such as gift certificates, tablets, laptops, or cars. Too good to be true right? Look for asterisk near the sign or ad and it is highly possible that there is an underlying message underneath it that has conditions such as “Almost won prize if you purchase our $1,000 CD.”

If you happen to encounter this kind of tricks and techniques, it’s a red flag and make sure to avoid them. Write a blog post or join in forums so others may also know your experience and be informed.

Opinion Outpost: A Review on Paid Survey Site

A reviewer from has posted a blow-by-blow account on what to expect if you want to join as a paid survey respondent for Opinion Outpost. This guy knows which sites to trust and which sites we don’t have to bother visiting. This is the video that will give you a glimpse on the trusth about Opinion Outpost Paid Survey website.

Now that you know what to expect from Opinion Outpost, it is only up to you to decide if you would want to become a member of this organization. There is no one else but you who can decide if you will enjoy this site or not. Don’t forget to stay safe and always remember the red flags in hoax websites to avoid getting scammed.

How to Spot Legitimate Paid Surveys

There are two kinds of paid survey takers on the internet: the successful ones and the scam victims. It is no secret that there is as much, if not more, fake online paid surveys as those legit ones. In this site, we keep on informing our readers how to choose the best paid survey sites and we keep on reminding everyone to be careful from internet scams. We already know number of tips how to avoid these but still we are not tired of keeping our valued readers up to date and knowledgeable on this matter.

Spotting legitimate paid surveys sounds a tough job but it is really just simple. There are 5 simple ways that are easy to follow and remember. When choosing a website, make certain to be alert on  these red flags mentioned in the video. There is nothing more comforting than knowing that the the websites you are working for are safe and best online paid surveys while enjoying earning money at the comfort of your homes.


Which Paid Survey Online Websites To Trust

It is safe to say paid online surveys are legit and real. There are already a lot of people earning great money out of it. Working at home even without getting up from bed sounds like a dream come true. It is definitely too good to be true but I must say not all of the websites are real. Some of them are complete scams and are just deceiving people. How do we know which is real and which should be avoided?

First of all, study and research websites from internet reviews and testimonials. There are obvious reviews especially on Youtube which are real. One great tip to place in mind is to prevent websites who asks for cash from you first upon registering. That is a big red flag. Never buy any CDs or any tools that promises you a start on this business. Avoid those websites. Check out this list of Paid Survey websites you can trust.

An Expert’s Review on Paid Survey

Sure, there are scams and fake sites floating around the internet about Paid Survey scams. Basically, it’s not just paid survey that we should be careful of, there are other things on the internet that are promising good fortune but end up taking away our money. To trust an online activity, we need to hear someone we could trust, who has a respected name, and someone who shows their face and has nothing to hide. Here is a review on Paid Surveys and explains how this thing work.

Are Paid Survey Websites real? Yes, of course. Although, there are some other websites we should be careful of. How do we know if this website is safe? Take some tips from this video and be well informed. There are pros and cons of taking paid surveys. If you really work hard on it and focus on working in these, definitely cash will be flowing on your bank account. For beginners and want to venture in paid surveys, take it from an expert and an experienced paid survey respondent.


Secrets on How to be Successful in Paid Surveys

There are countless of survey sites that promise great compensation and instant wealth. It sounds too good to be true and is quite very tempting. Although there are paid survey sits that are real, there are also a lot of internet scams we wish to avoid. What do we need to know if a paid survey site is not fraud? Once we have found the right website, what should we expect from taking surveys and how much do we earn on average?

If you want to know more about this including the top 3 paid online websites, this video is for you.

Taking paid surveys offers a unique way to earn money from home

This is a useful video to introduce you to the idea of paid surveys as a viable and effective method of making money from the comfort of your own home. Taking surveys, especially online paid surveys, is a really cool way to earn a bit of money. This applies to students, parents who need to stay at home to care for their children, and even the elderly, as everyone’s opinion counts and these companies will pay for yours!